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Attract Customers.  Grow Your Business.
With the Power of Advertising

An International Best Selling
Book by
Ryan Pankoke

Ebook & Paperback Version  Available

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My Story

My name is Ryan Pankoke and I have spent my entire career in advertising, almost two decades.  I started out on the sales side of advertising, learning the ropes and working my way up, then starting BluePrint Advertising Agency as a little one-man agency, to becoming one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in the country, winning multiple awards along the way.

I know when it comes to advertising, the most important thing is the customer and what kind of ROPI they received from the campaign.  I have made it my mission to try and track the advertising to the best of my ability, and then study that data to see what works the best.  If I can show the customer the advertising is working and making them money, then I have a client for life.

If the client grows, then I grow.  Simple as that.


Ryan has handled the advertising for multiple businesses I own in different states around the country.  His strategies and methods have always performed well and helped my business grow.

Actual Client

  In less then 10 minutes of talking with him, I learned so much about advertising and how it can help a businesses ROI.

Actual Client

After just a few months of using Ryan's advertising methods and strategies, our phone call volume and sales went up over 300%.

Actual Client



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